things people will always disagree on:
• politics
• music
• which animal crossing villager is the cutest


"sit up straight" how dare you i’ll sit as gay as i please

Me: *look down to see 3DS is flashing red*
Me: *presses start so I can save before it’s too late*
3DS: “What would you lik-” *dies*
— (via anewleafnewlife)
operator: 911, please hold.
me: stop murdering me for a sec; we're on hold.
murderer: ok




i’m on to u 




brown girls rule the world

I’m sorry to say this but if someone said “white girls rule the world” instead of “brown girls rule the world” then we’d have a major shitstorm on our hands.

Because when white people rule the world bad things happen
-stealing children from natives
-unfair control of land and money
-skin whitening creams
-unfair representation in the media
-self hatred
-bias school material (starting in preschool)
-cultural appropriation
-mass incarceration of PoC
-unfair opportunities
Shall I continue?
Y’all are everywhere
Y’all have made young PoC hate themselves because their skin isn’t white enough
So when a brown girl flaunts her beauty please do yourself a favor and don’t interrupt
I hope I live for the day white girls don’t rule the world anymore
And it’s not racism against white people
We ain’t got the power to oppress you.


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